Ex-Overwatch Pro Dellor Indefinitely Banned from Twitch

Former professional Overwatch player Dellor, also known as Matt Vaughn, was banned indefinitely for streaming on Twitch over an alleged incident of self-harm.

Dellor's Tuesday stream lasted about two hours, during which he smashed a keyboard over his head, causing it to break. Self-injury is against the Twitch Terms of Service, but it appears Dellor's behavior tends to be a trademark. Dellor has done this repeatedly in the past.

In fact, this action might actually be scripted. Dellor tweeted after his ban came down that he bought those keyboards specifically because they were cheap and fragile. He also included a picture of his face to show that no injuries had been sustained during the stream.

Dellor Overwatch banned on Twitch

The ban went into effect Tuesday, the same day he was supposed to get his subscriber button back on his channel after losing it and his partnership earlier this year.

Dellor took to Twitter and posted an alarming message concerning his mental health and the incident in question a few hours later. He described being in a state of despair "for months" among other troubling statements.

The ban follows others faced by Dellor during his streaming career. The most recent came in May after he told a female player to "cook a sandwich" during a stream. Additionally, he has been known to openly use racist slurs during streams among other insults.

Image courtesy of Twitch