EX Raid Pokemon Go is a special kind of Raid distinct from the usual fare. These Raids are exclusive, letting only certain players take them on. That exclusivity allows developer Niantic to offer truly special reward Pokémon. But is there another on the way?

EX Raid Pokemon Go: Will There Be a New EX Raid Pokemon?

So far, only two Pokémon have been featured as EX Raid bosses. The first EX Raid ever, launched in mid 2017, had Mewtwo as its boss. The second and only other EX Raid to have taken place so far features Deoxys as its boss and has been running since its start in October 2018.

Given that the original Mewtwo EX Raid ran for exactly a year before swapping out for a new Pokémon, it seems likely Deoxys' EX Raid will receive the same treatment. Niantic has yet to announce official plans for a new EX Raid Pokémon.

Photo courtesy of Niantic/The Pokémon Company