Exploud Pokémon Go: How to Catch

Where can you get Exploud in Pokémon Go?
Where can you get Exploud in Pokémon Go? / Photo by GAMEFREAK and Niantic

Exploud Pokémon GO is the final evolution of Whismur. Here's how to get the Loud Noise Pokémon.

Exploud Pokémon Go: What You Need to Know

To start, you could catch Whismur and evolve it with 12 Candy first to Loudred, and then 25 Candy into Exploud.

Currently, Whismur has an increased spawn for the Valentine's Day 2020 event. The event will run from 8 a.m. Feb. 14 to 10 p.m. Feb. 17 in your local time. This would be a good opportunity to catch a lot of them to evolve an Exploud, since there's a Research Task that involves catching Whismur.

Exploud can also be fought in a Raid Battle, or found as a Research Breakthrough reward.

Exploud isn't particularly tough. It has a max CP of 2,347, 179 Attack, 137 Defense and 232 Stamina. What brings Exploud's effective power level down is the lack of any same type attack bonus (STAB) moves. Exploud gets no Normal Type moves at all.

The strongest moves on Exploud are Crunch and Disarming Voice. Crunch is a poor type cover, as it does nothing against Fighting-Type Pokémon, the only type against which Exploud is weak. Disarming Voice has some power, but also has a large dodge window for the enemy that impairs its effectiveness.

Low stats and a poor move set relegate Exploud to low level Gym defense and Raids. There are simply better Normal-Type Pokémon out there. Much to its chagrin, Exploud just won't make the cut for any competitive battle scenarios.