F0rest Staying with Dignitas in 2022

Photo courtesy Dignitas

Legendary Swedish player Patrick “f0rest” Lindberg is staying on the Dignitas team for the upcoming 2022 season. Being one of the few veteran players on the team, this is happy news for Dignitas fans as f0rest really is a force in the CS:GO scene.

New Head Coach as F0rest Stays

The major shift that Dignitas did make was changing the head coach, which is actually a step in a better direction considering that f0rest has worked with Faruk Pita, as both f0rest and Pita have worked together when on Swedish team Ninjas in Pyjamas.

This familiarity may provide a sense of security and bonding within the team, able to pull out a couple more wins compared to their recent standing in the competition. And this is already presenting itself with their Tier 1 appearances increasing and a noticeable presence in Tier 2, there are expectations that this team will be feared in the competitions coming in 2022.

The main thing that is concerning with the team is the lacking consistency in results and the constricting map pool that could harm their standing during competition. Making the team not completely stable when entering as a difficult contender. And with the new coaching staff, there will be a readjusting period for team Dignitas.

And f0rest is now considered a veteran to not just the game but the team, and even though Friberg is the in-game leader, it is most likely unpreventable that many of the new players will look up to f0rest as a source of inspiration. As f0rest will now be in a position as a role model for his fellow teammates. Maybe putting more pressure on the player, but hopefully, that pressure is just there to help not just the team shine, but for f0rest to perform at his best.

Dignitas will next be playing against 777 Esports in Elisa Invitational Winter Main Qualifier on Jan. 18 12:30 p.m. ET.