Fable 4 Mentioned in Nvidia Leak

Fable trailer
Fable trailer / Credit to Playground Studios

Fable 4 is another one of the many games mentioned in the Nvidia GeForce Now leak from earlier this week.

Software engineer Ighor July leaked a list of mostly speculative list of games from GeForce Now, Nvidia's cloud streaming platform. He went public with the information after receiving no response from Nvidia when he tried to alert them about the breach.

Fable 4 Mentioned in Nvidia Leak

Fable 4 is mentioned in the leak, but Nvidia has since made statements that imply that the leak is not indicative of any upcoming releases. The list is actually intended to be used for internal tracking and testing, meaning that many of the games are speculative and may not become a reality.

"Inclusion on the list is neither confirmation nor an announcement of any game," Nvidia has said in statements since the leak.

The Fable series does have another game currently under development from Playground studios, but there is very little information available. The game is known simply as Fable at this point and a brief trailer was shared at the Xbox Games Showcase in 2020.

While Nvidia is always going to protect itself by saying none of the names are substantial, there are plenty of hints that these leaks are useful. For one, some of these leaks are just current titles made for other platforms like God of War for PC. Not very farfetched and highly likely this is happening. Others could be old project names for released projects like Iris being an old name for Overwatch 2. Take any leak with a grain of salt, but this one could hold the titles for plenty of future projects.