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Fae Farm Playable Platforms

Fae Farm
Fae Farm / Courtesy of Nintendo

Fae Farm will be playable exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Fans of cozy life and farming simulation games rejoiced when Fae Farm was announced during the September Nintendo Direct. Players from around the world tuned in to see the charming ways that Fae Farm was going to go about mixing the life and farm simulation games with RPG elements.

While the charming peek into the world of Azoria garnered a lot of positive buzz online, many were left wondering if Fae Farm was going to be available for purchase on any other systems besides the Nintendo Switch.

Fae Farm Playable Platforms

While the official announcement trailer was tight-lipped about the release date or which systems the game would be playable on, an official tweet from the Nintendo of America account shed light on both of these questions on people's minds.

Fae Farm will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch and will arrive sometime in 2023. While this news is disappointing for players hoping to run Fae Farm on their PlayStation or Xbox, there is always a chance that the game will eventually be ported to these consoles in the future, though only time will tell.