Faerie Court Milio Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

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The elegant and colorful Faerie Court skin set coming to League of Legends includes skins for seven champions, giving love to old champions and new ones alike, like Milio.

The newest champion entering the fray in League of Legends, Milio, is receiving a Faerie Court skin alongside other champions Kalista, Fiora, Seraphine, Ezreal, Katarina, with Karma receiving the elite "Faerie Queen" skin in League of Legends Patch 13.6. Also worth noting is that Katarina will be getting a prestige version of her skin as well, brining the total of this skin set to eight skins.

The skins are expected to come with a complimentary in-game event to celebrate their release, this claim is even more plausible with Milio's addition to the set, considering he is the newest champion.

Below will be all the details concerning this new skin coming to League of Legends this month.

Faerie Court Milio Skin Splash Art

Riot Games

Faerie Court Milio Skin Price

The Faerie Court Milio skin is going to be an Epic skin, so players can expect it to cost 1,350 RP.

Faerie Court Milio Skin Release Date

The Faerie Court skins will be available for purchase with the release of Patch 13.6 on Mar. 23.

How to Get the Faerie Court Milio Skin

Players will be able to get the skin by buying it with the aforementioned RP amount, but if there is an in-game event to accompany these skin's release, there will probably be additional methods included to get skins from this set with ease.