Faerie Court Seraphine Skin Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

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The "Starry-Eyed Songstress" of League of Legends is one of seven champions receiving a Faerie Court skin in League of Legends Patch 13.6.

The champions getting Faerie Court skins are Katarina, Serpahine, Ezreal, the new champion Milio, Kalista, Fiora and Karma as the "Faerie Queen". Katarina will be getting a prestige version of her skin in addition to the regular. The skin set was made with the theme of ethereal fairies in mind, with Serpahine taking the image of common colorful butterfly wings' color schemes all over her.

There is potential word of an in-game event happening with the release of the skins to celebrate their arrival. This claim becomes more believable when realizing that Milio is the newest champion announced and will be getting a skin in this set.

Faerie Court Seraphine Skin Splash Art

Riot Games

Faerie Court Seraphine Skin Price

Faerie Court Seraphine is going to be an epic skin, meaning it will cost around 1,350 RP for players planning on purchasing it.

Faerie Court Seraphine Skin Release Date

The Faerie Court skin set is set to release with Patch 13.6, which will be coming to League of Legends on Mar. 23.

How to Get Faerie Court Seraphine Skin

Aside from the aforementioned price, if the skins come with an accompanying event, players can expect there to be additional methods for receiving the skins.

Players can also true their luck with other in-game methods for getting epic skins like Loot Chests, but these will all be dependent on luck.