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Failed to Initialize Vulkan Knockout City: How to Fix

Failed to initialize Vulkan in Knockout CIty has been an error players are facing when trying to connect to the explosive action game.

Failed to Initialize Vulkan Knockout City: How to Fix

There are a couple of key ways you can try if you get the "failed to initialize Vulkan" when trying to play Knockout City. This error prompt has appeared in other games that use Vulkan as their anti-cheat.

Clean Installation of Graphics Driver

Firstly, try doing a clean installation of your graphics driver. Click on either NVIDIA or AMD depending on which driver you have, select your graphics card from the drop-down menu, hit search. Hit the download button shown after you search for your proper graphics card and run that executable file.

MAKE SURE: During the installation, check off "custom (advanced)" then hit next. On the following screen, check off the box that says "perform a clean installation." Once that is checked off you can finish the installation and then restart your PC!

Rollback Your Graphics Driver to a Specific Older Version

For Nvidia, you want to rollback your graphics driver to version 461.92, and for AMD you want to rollback to version 21.5.2.