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Fall Guys Abstergo's Challenge Details

Eivor and Odin outfits featured in the new challenge.
Eivor and Odin outfits featured in the new challenge. / Image Courtesy of Epic Games/Mediatonic

Fall Guys announced today the details of Abstergo's Challenge, part of an ongoing collaboration with Assassin's Creed.

Abstergo's Challenge, named for the multinational front for the Templar Order which tries to destroy the Assassins in the iconic games, features Eivor and Odin outfits, from the latest release, Valhalla.

An official press release on the promotion announced, "Sweet Thieves has sneakily snuck its way back into Fall Guys. The rules remain the same. The Guardians defend their precious candy, while the Thieves attempt to rob their confectionery treasures without being seen!"

To put it simply, the Challenge is focused on the Sweet Thieves game mode. One Team, the Thieves, tries to steal candy from another, the Guardians. Completing specific challenges within the game mode earn players points that can be redeemed for rewards.

Fall Guys Abstergo's Challenge Details

Competing in Abstergo's Challenge can earn gamers a number of things based on the number of points they achieve. Check out the list below:

  • "Animus Trainee" Nickname - 100 Points
  • 200 Kudos - 300 Points
  • "Apple of Eden" Nameplate - 500 points
  • "Animus Scychronising" Pattern - 700 Points
  • "Apple of Eden" Backpack" - 1000 Points

As always, many players are happy to grind it out on these challenges for some relatively cool bonus swag. Meanwhile, the real loot is only to be found in the store. The aforementioned Eivor and Odin outfits come at a cost of 1,200 Show-Bucks each.

Although you can snag the pair for 2,000 Show-Bucks, It makes you wonder who's really looting who?