Fall Guys Big Yeetus is a Giant Hammer

Big Yeetus is coming to Fall Guys. Run.
Big Yeetus is coming to Fall Guys. Run. / Photo by Mediatronic

Fall Guys Big Yeetus might be one of the most anticipated updates in gaming for this year.

The legendary, iconic Fall Guys Twitter is at it again. This time, they've shown off a new addition to Fall Guys dubbed Big Yeetus. Why is it Big Yeetus? Well, it's big and yeets you away.

Big Yeetus is a giant, randomly spawning hammer obstacle that will sometimes appear in games to shake things up. It's unknown currently how often it will spawn or exactly where it appears, but it will be sure to add some more chaos to your matches.

Fall Guys Big Yeetus is a Giant Hammer

People are already doubting the existence of Big Yeetus, especially with the Twitter's penchant for mischief. They've doubled down that Big Yeetus is indeed a real thing, although somewhat facetiously. We're still not entirely convinced.

There's an interesting Easter egg in the clip for the Big Yeetus reveal. The video takes place on Dizzy Heights, but the cannon at the end is shooting fruit. Normally, this cannon fires balls.

These alleged changes come ahead of the end of Season 1 in October. It's unknown if we'll see Big Yeetus before the season ends, if it'll be part of the Season 2 update, or if it's even real.