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Fall Guys Charts 50 Million Players in First Two Weeks of Being Free-to-Play

Fall Guys went free-to-play on June 21, 2022.
Fall Guys went free-to-play on June 21, 2022. / Image courtesy of Mediatonic

Fall Guys has tallied 50 million players since the launch of its first free-to-play season, Mediatonic announced Wednesday.

The news was shared by the official Fall Guys Twitter account, confirming that the title is continuing to grow after initially hitting 20 million players just 48 hours into the season.

Fall Guys Player Count: What is it?

Mediatonic and Epic Games have gone all-out in recent weeks to give Fall Guys the Rocket League treatment, moving the game to the Epic Games Store launcher, making it free-to-play and hosting a number of in-game events.

Not only that, the game was also newly made available on Xbox and Nintendo Switch, complete with crossplay.

Players who owned the game on PlayStation and PC before its free-to-play transition were given a free Legacy Pack containing various cosmetics and a free season pass. Original Fall Guys players also had their Crowns converted to Kudos, making way for the game's new premium in-game currency, Show-Bucks, which are purchasable via the store.

Fall Guys, Mediatonic's obstacle course battle royale, was a massive success when it first launched on PlayStation and PC back in August 2020.

Since then, a number of players on other systems have been eager to get in on the action. Unlike most battle royale games, however, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout required players to purchase the full game, unless they nabbed it for free during its initial PlayStation Plus promotion.

Fall Guys' available content has grown significantly since its launch in 2020 — from more outfits and themes to an array of levels.

Fall Guys is set to usher in its next collaboration event on July 7 with the Assassin’s Creed-themed Abstergo's Challenge.