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Fall Guys Crown Clash Rewards

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Epic Games launched Fall Guys Crown Clash Rewards last Wednesday, June 29. The promotion, which ends on July 11, allows gamers to earn rewards for three separate games.

To Earn rewards for Fall Guys, Fortnite, and Rocket League, users need to complete a few simple steps.

First, if you don't have it, download Fall Guys. Next, make sure you log in with the same Epic Account that you use for Fortnite and Rocket League. Then, play any rounds. Yep, that's right. Players can earn rewards just by playing. No special steps are necessary. According to the promotion's website, "No dives, hugs, or jumps needed — simply play a certain amount of rounds and you'll start earning!"

Fall Guys Crown Clash Rewards

The rewards that can be earned are directly proportional to rounds of Fall Guys played by the user. Fortnite players will receive receive outfits, pickaxes, and other complementary items revolving around the character Flap Jax. In Rocket League, players can earn boosts, decals, wheels, etc. Fall guys rewards come in the form of Kudos, the in-game currency.

More specifically, the Kudos up for grabs are as follows:

  • Play 10 Rounds, receive 300 Kudos.
  • Play 20 Rounds, receive 500 Kudos.
  • Play 40 Rounds, receive 800 Kudos.
  • Play 70 Rounds, receive 1,000 Kudos
  • Play 100 Rounds, receive 1,200 Kudos.

Gamers only need to play Fall Guys to earn rewards across all three titles.