Fall Guys Duck Costume: Is There One?

Fall Guys Duck Costume: Is there one?
Fall Guys Duck Costume: Is there one? | Mediatonic

Fall Guys Duck Costume is on the list of many players.

Mediatonic's new battle royale title, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, certainly has its fair share of costumes and cosmetics. Unsurprisingly, these take the form of all kinds of zany ideas from the head of a saber-toothed cat to a full body hotdog. The one thing it's missing is a duck. However, if you're willing to suit up as other birds, there may just be a fowl costume that's perfect for you.

Fall Guys Duck Costume

Here are a few other feathered friends that might interest you.

The Chicken Skin can be earned in the Season 6 pass. It's considered a rare costume and consists of two parts. The lower part comes from tier 25 and the upper comes from tier 28.

The Pigeon skin has made a return from beta and consists of the lower part at tier six and the upper at tier nine.

The Tropics Toucan is available in the shop for 7500 kudos in total. Each part costs a separate 3500 kudos.

The White Dove is also available in the shop for 4000 kudos or 2000 for each individual piece.

Lastly, the Jacket. While it may not be a fully-feathered outfit, it does feature a chicken on the top half, so it at least meets the criteria. It's a Crowns outfit costing six crowns total.