Fall Guys Fall Force Update Details

These are some of the costumes coming in the Fall Guys Fall Force Update.
These are some of the costumes coming in the Fall Guys Fall Force Update. / Mediatonic Limited

Mediatonic recently revealed the latest free update for Fall Guys, and it's massive. New items in Fall Guys Creative and cute costumes from the Trick or Yeet Fame Pass are only a few things to get excited about. There's a lot to cover, so let's get started!

Fall Guys Fall Force Update Details

Fall Guys Creative

The developer added several new items to Fall Guys Creative, the level-building mode of the game. Players can experience the creativity of other gamers in this mode, especially with the latest gadgets.

Here are all the new items as described by Fall Guys Team:

  • Buttons and Pressure Plates: Both activate items in the levels. Buttons must be pressed, while Pressure Plates must be held down.
  • Bean Barriers: These planks can serve as walls or bridges. A wall can block or open a path when turned on or off. A bridge can disappear in a heartbeat when the Bean Barrier is turned off.
  • Speed Arches: These arches will speed up and Bean or item that goes through them.
  • Carriable Punching Block: This block can suspend Beans in the air or push anyone off a cliff.
  • Background Selector: This provides background choices to players creating Rounds. Five designs are available: Original, Digital, Medieval, Future, and Falloween.

New Rounds

With this update comes brand-new rounds! These levels will be released over the next two weeks, though there aren't confirmed dates:

  • Breezy Buddies
  • Remote Control
  • Cubic Conundrum
  • Chain Reaction

The Rounds below will be coming out next week:

  • Button Bashers
  • Sum Fruit
  • Tip Toe Finale
  • Puzzle Path
  • Pegwin Pool Party

Trick or Yeet Fame Pass

The Trick or Yeet Fame Pass has the most adorable Halloween costumes for Beans. These costumes include a bat costume, a bear costume, a buff guy costume, and more!

This Pass is available from Oct. 3 10AM GMT to Nov. 7 10AM GMT.

Bug Fixes

The update also came with several bug fixes. They range from more minor issues like
Round lighting issues to bigger problems, such as FPS drops. If you want to see all bug fixes, visit the Fall Guys news feed.