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Fall Guys Idol Games Explained

Idol Games have almost arrived in Fall Guys
Idol Games have almost arrived in Fall Guys / Image Courtesy of Epic Games

A new Fall Guys challenge is almost upon us. Idol Games will kick off tomorrow, July 14, in Fall Guys.

The Idol Games, a challenge hyped as "one of the toughest ever," will begin tomorrow and run through the weekend until Monday, July 18. So unpack your suitcase and cancel your plans, this one might take a while to crack.

Fall Guys Idol Games Explained

Because it has not yet been released, it's hard to say what the gameplay of the Idol Games challenges will be like. For other recent Fall Guys events, have involved completing challenges while competing in normal Fall Guys rounds.

One thing is likely more certain. Completing the Idol Games list of challenges will earn Fall Guys players special rewards in the form of Kudos, the in-game currency. The Kudos will probably then be able to be cashed in for further rewards, such as the hyped Crown Idol Costume.

If it resembles the Sweet Thieves Event in any way, it will surely be a challenging and rewarding way for players to earn extra rewards and hopefully, if they are successful, some free swag.