Fall Guys No Match Found: What is it and How to Fix

Fall Guys No Match Found: What is it and how to fix it
Fall Guys No Match Found: What is it and how to fix it | Mediatonic

Fall Guys "No Match Found" error is causing some problems for players.

Recently, players of Mediatonic's latest entry into the battle royale genre, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, have been running into an error. This is affecting players all over the platforms, PC and PS4 alike. It's only a matter of time before players of all kinds have to contend with this.

Fall Guys No Match Found: What Is It and How to Fix

This error is a continuation of the server problems that plagued Fall Guys' release. Due to its astronomical popularity, Fall Guys' launch was swarmed with more new players than the servers could handle. This led to a massive shutdown with Mediatonic vowing to fix the issues as best they could.

The reason this keeps happening is due to a issue on the server side. If players can't connect to the server or the server can't register new connections, matches cannot be formed.

Unfortunately, this means there isn't much the individual players can do. Until Mediatonic's servers are brought up to full capacity, players may still end up encountering this error. and having to deal with it. The best bet to fixing the "no match found" message is just to try to re-enter the matchmaking system and hope for the best.