Fall Guys Tail Tag: 3 Tips to Being a Better Player

Three tips to master Tail Tag in Fall Guys.
Three tips to master Tail Tag in Fall Guys. / Photo by Mediatronic

Fall Guys Tail Tag is one of the game's best modes. It can sometimes feel chaotic, so here are three tips that will help you master Tail Tag in Fall Guys.

Tail Tag has a simple premise. You must possess a tail when the timer runs out. To get a tail, you have to steal one from another player. From then, you need to keep your tail from others trying to claim it. There's also Team Tail Tag and Royal Fumble that follow similar rules.

Fall Guys Tail Tag Tips

1 - Cut Corners

To get a tail quickly, you can cut off opponents by waiting behind corners. Pop out as they pass to grab their tails and get out of there before they realize.

2 - Hammer Hiding

You can hide out underneath the big spinning hammer in the center of the stage. In a pinch, you can use the hammer to knock yourself away from would-be tail thieves. Just hope you don't land near a tailless player.

3 - I-Frames

You'll get a few frames of invincibility right when you steal a tail. You can use a risky play like a dive grab, as you'll be safe for a little as you get up. On the other hand, you won't be able to grab a tail from an enemy right when they take one because of this, but you can still grab onto the enemy themselves. Throw them to a position where you can take their tail.