Fall Guys Tips and Tricks: 5 Things to Make You Instantly a Better Player

Fall Guys Tips and Tricks: 5 important things to make you instantly a better player
Fall Guys Tips and Tricks: 5 important things to make you instantly a better player / Mediatonic

Mediatonic's Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has proven to be challenging for some players. As with any new battle royale, it's every player for themselves as they're released into the arena. Therefore, there may not much much in the way of cooperation between others.

Not only that, but Mediatonic has effectively heightened the stakes of victory as only those who are victorious can earn Crowns—the most powerful in-game currency to earn. The best of everything available costs Crowns. Who wouldn't want to grab the most for themselves?

Below you'll find our best tips and tricks to attaining wins, crowns, and domination over other enemy beans.

Fall Guys: Best Tips and Tricks

1. Jump Awareness

Jumping is one of the most powerful tools at player disposal while spending their time as a giant bean. A well-timed jump can make or break your ranking on the map as well as possibly affect the beans around you. Learning the range and effectiveness of your jump can rocket you straight to a win.

2. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

It should be noted that, despite being a free-for-all-styled game, there are sections of Fall Guys that rely on cooperation and working with other beans. Players should be aware of other opponents and beans around them at all times.

3. Know the Map

It's not uncommon to feel a bit of pressure when first released into the map. There are several different maps and areas players will experience while playing Fall Guys. This means that there are quite a few paths players can take to victory. Be aware that the straight-forward route may not always be the best or quickest way to get around. You may have better luck around the side or taking the road least-traveled.

4. Dive and Climb

The other two crucial actions you can take as a bean are diving and climbing. In the same vein as jumps, dives, and climbs can be crucial to getting around the map. Additionally, don't forget that nearly everything on the map is graspable—including other beans. A well-placed grab at the last second could possibly ruin someone's day at the expense of your next crown.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

Our final tip is to practice. As with all skills, domination as a little white digital bean bouncing around the map takes time and effort. Players will need to put in the hours to learn their abilities, memorize the maps, and learn the best places to make calls. Participate in as many matches as your attention span will allow.