Fall Guys Valve Costume Added to PS4 Version

Fall Guys
Fall Guys / Mediatonic

Fall Guys Valve costume is being added to the PlayStation 4 versions of the game after previously being exclusive to Steam players. This and more all came from Fall Guys newest update.

Fall Guys Valve Costume

Since the Valve costume is considered a legendary skin, just like any other legendary skin that has shown up or is soon to come you will be able to purchase it in the item store. It will cost you 10 crowns, and that is because outfits are always split into two halves, a top and a bottom each costing 5 crowns.

Since item swaps on the store do not seem to occur too often, the sooner you get out there and chase those crowns the better.

Even though Fall Guys is not cross-platform, with this new update, at least there's finally some crossover in items that are available for PC players.

The change happened in a small update to Fall Guys on Thursday. The new game update also included making the max player count on Fail Mountain 15, and making the timer for Team Tail Tag and Royal FUmble 1:30.

The are also no more back-to-back team games.