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Fall Guys x Destiny 2 Collaboration Announced

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Developers of Fall Guys and Destiny 2 have announced a collaboration set to come to life in the near future.

The collaboration, set to release on Sept. 17, will celebrate the arrival of Bungie's futuristic first-person shooter title to the Epic Games Store. The crossover is also expected to incorporate Epic's best-known title Fortnite. If nothing else, the partnership will succeed in uniting two seemingly opposite ends of the gaming universe.

Fall Guys x Destiny 2 Collaboration Highlights

Thematically, it's difficult to reckon the Fall Guys style within the mythic sci-fi universe of Destiny 2.
However, Fall Guys, as a title and a brand, is wide open and welcoming to all comers. As part of the partnership, Fall Guys will feature three new skins that caricature Destiny's Titan, Hunter, and Warlock classes.

It is still a mystery how exactly Fall Guys or Fortnite will reflect in Destiny 2. Even so, it seems like there could be a lot more to the Fall Guys x Destiny 2 saga than first meets the eye. In a recent interview for PlayStation blog, Katie Lennox, a director at Bungie stated, “I can’t say much now, but we’re really excited to be partnering with our friends at Fall Guys on some extra special squishy offerings for fans that will be revealed at a later date!”