Fallout 76 Collect Bone Meal for An Organic Solution

Fallout 76 collect bone meal objective for the quest, An Organic Solution, has been giving players trouble since Fallout 76's release. Here's everything you need to know about it:

Fallout 76 Collect Bone Meal for An Organic Solution

You're given the Signal Tracker and told to go southeast of Southhamton Estate toward the Crevasse Dam. Once you get there, you have to track down a Deathclaw nest.

That's already quite a task for some players, since the best way to find a nest is usually to track down and kill a Deathclaw. In theory, since you have the Signal Tracker, you can dodge a fight and go straight for the nest with a high stealth skill. If your Signal Tracker is working correctly, that's a great option.

Unfortunately, the quest has been bugged since release. Some players report that the Signal Tracker is either not functioning at all, or that approaching a Deathclaw nest causes the signal tracker to reset and target a different nest. If this happens to you, you'll have to find a roaming Deathclaw in the area, then track down its nest yourself without using the Signal Tracker.

Cover Image Courtesy of Bethesda Game Studios