Overwatch fan MrSquish has outdone Blizzard by creating their own target practice mode in the Workshop that far outstrips the usefulness of the official Overwatch practice mode.

MrSquish's Overwatch Workshop creation is an impressively customizable target practice experience. At its most basic, it spawns red targets for players to practice shooting, with new ones spawning when the old are shot.

What really makes this target practice mode impressive is its modality. Players can adjust the size of the targets, change their speed of movement, make them appear in wider and smaller radiuses, and more.

There are also special modes in the target practice script that allow for sudden death, lightning mode, stack mode and centered mode. Each provides a different function to practice, and the modes can be combined to create unique challenges.

Target Practice is just the latest impressive Overwatch creation to be shared using the new Workshop feature. Check it out on Reddit, or try it for yourself with the code RJ6X3.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard