Another creative Overwatch fan has stepped up to push the game's Workshop feature to new territory.

Overwatch player Kocu shared their creation to Reddit on Saturday, debuting a game mode in which players battle over three capture points simultaneously by teleporting from map to map.

In the demonstration video, Kocu shows off how each spawn has two color-coded teleporters to the other two maps. Walking into them will send the player to one of the other two maps being played on, where they can capture a new point.

These maps can be any three points from any of the Control Maps in the game. Capturing and holding points adds to a team's score. It also unlocks teleporters on the points themselves to visit another point quickly.

According to Kocu, the game mode hit Workshop's limit several times during development, forcing them to cut content to make it playable.

The end result is an impressive creation best played with a crowd.

The code for the script is available on Reddit.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard