An Overwatch player has twisted the Workshop into a recreation of Dio Brando, one of the antagonists from "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure."

The Overwatch Workshop mode is positioned as a boss fight in which one player takes on the role of Dio himself (represented as Genji), another plays as his Stand (Doomfist), and the rest as miscellaneous heroes from the cast.

This mode lets Genji fly, gives him 10,000 health and infinite ammo, but above all else it allows him to active Za Warudo, also known as The World. This lets him freeze time for all his enemies and continue attacking. Doomfist can also melee attack in this time freeze, instantly killing one enemy.

Doomfist also has his own special ability that lets him spam punch attacks. To simulate the relationship between Stand and Stand User, Doomfist must stay within a certain distance of Genji, and the two share all the damage each receives. They win if they can deplete the limited respawns provided the other team, while that other team wins if they manage to kill Genji and Doomfist.

The game mode is chaotic and unusual. Players can try it out for themselves with the code T7358, or by heading to the Reddit post by creator u/trappi.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard