Fans Grow Frustrated With New World, Steam Reviews Drop to ‘Mixed’

Image courtesy of Amazon Games

Players have been leaving more negative reviews on New World's Steam page, dropping the rating down to "mixed."

At the time of writing, 41% of all reviews left for Amazon's New World in the last 30 days have been negative. Many of the negative reviews have cited frustration with the game's recent changes, along with a barrage of bugs causing issues with gameplay.

One user, who had over 290 hours in the game at the time of the review, said, "I level capped, have a high gear score watermark, am officer of a PvP company that holds territory, and run all end-game content (war, invasions, raids, pvp arena.) I am at the end of the rainbow. There is no pot of gold. It's just a buggy mess, unfulfilled promises, and devs too busy working to implement server transfers to actually fix the game."

Another player cited the game's various issues as the reason behind their negative review: "Gold farming bots, numerous dupe exploits, plenty of bugs to go around, stealth dev changes (some of which are game-breaking)."

It's no secret that New World has had a battle on their hands when it comes to exploits, some of which have been wreaking havoc on the game's economy. But the frustrations appear to be mounting for fans. Some have claimed that the content just hasn't hit the mark, leaving many players feeling bored or let down particularly by end game content. Others hold issue with the game's mechanics, such as Faction Wars being dominated by large clans, cutting more casual players out of a chunk of the game.

MMOs are a tricky business. Such large games can't truly escape bugs, often taking a fair amount of time to get their things in order. The developers behind Amazon's New World seem keen to remain communicative, keeping players in the loop regarding various fixes and updates. It seems that there's a fair bit of work to be done, however. Many who have left these recent reviews have clocked hundreds of hours into the game and, while they highlighted many of the negative aspects of the game, it seems that they still remain hopeful that New World will receive the improvements that it so needs.