Fans Want Refund Over 'Nerfed' Modern Warfare 2 Premium Skin


Activision have made some changes to a popular premium skin in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and players aren't happy.

The LA Thieves skin has been a popular addition to Modern Warfare 2, and not just for fans wanting to sport a skin from their favorite team. Originally, the skin was all-black apart from a red LA Thieves logo on the chest. The design made it far easier for players to remain unnoticed, turning the skin into an unintentional camo.

Naturally, this made the skin a pretty popular get. But Activision took notice.

Activision Changes LA Thieves Modern Warfare 2 Skin

Two weeks after the skin's release, Activision has now changed the design. The LA Thieves skin now sports some bright red accents, making any player sporting the outfit stand out like a sore thumb.

It seems trivial, but given the effectiveness of the skin's original appearance some made the claim that it was a pay-to-win cosmetic.

But a new issue now arises. Plenty of players already purchased the skin, some purely off of the basis that they liked how it looked. With Activision changing the skin after purchase, players now feel that they've been mis-sold a product with many calling for a refund.

According to CharlieIntel, some players had been able to secure refunds through and Xbox, but not every player has achieved this.

Additionally, they pointed out that all Activision transactions come with a certain caveat: "Activision may update, replace, or remove this in-game content at any time."

So, it looks like refunds aren't on the table directly from Activision.

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