Far Cry 6 Cache Money Treasure Hunt Guide

Far Cry 6 has lots of optional side missions that yield neat rewards when completed, though one proves to be a bit vague on what the player must do. This is how to complete the Cache Money mission in Far Cry 6.

Cache Money is one of the few treasure hunt missions that players can take on in Far Cry 6, rewarding the player with special weapons and other valuable items not found elsewhere in the game. With Cache Money, players are stumped as to how they can progress beyond the part where the bunker doors open, though it’s not that hard to progress. With some advanced know-how, this Treasure Hunt mission is actually rather easy.

Far Cry 6: Cache Money Treasure Hunt Guide

To begin the mission, players must travel to the FND base on the northeast coast of Madrugada, where they will find a note claiming that Bunker #2 has a special treasure inside. When collected, the hunt will begin, prompting the player to find a button that resets the power on the bunker to open the doors. It’s up on the roof of the building closest to the bunker.

Once pressed, the bunker doors will open, but not entirely. Most players get stuck here, as the next objective is vague. Players are actually supposed to shoot some explosives that are hidden in the cracked bunker doors, which detonate and flings the ceiling hatch wide open. Players must jump inside, locate the underground area, and search for a locked door. Find the orange key card for the door, and open wide to a nice office. 

Once in the office, there is a switch underneath the desk that, when pressed, opens a secret passageway into a hidden bedroom. In that bedroom is a chest with an alligator on it, containing the rewards for the quest.

Completing the quest will net the player rewards, including one of Far Cry 6’s special weapons: the Sobek Special. It’s a powerful sniper rifle that is sure to assist any player who gets their hands on it.

Far Cry 6 is now available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as PC and Google Stadia.