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Far Cry 6: Paradise Lost Mission Walkthrough

Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

Far Cry 6 was released to high critical and fan praise, lauding the game for its breathtaking graphics and intense action. The latest installment takes players to the fictional country of Yara, under the rule of the oppressive Castillo Regime.

Players proceed through the game as Dani and are tasked with helping liberate Yara by bringing about a successful revolution. One of the game's most important missions is entitled Paradise Lost, here's a complete walkthrough of the mission:

Far Cry 6: Paradise Lost Mission Walkthrough

The first thing players will need to do is meet Clara at the Libertad safe-house in Esperanza. There, Clara, Dani, and Juan will discuss planting explosives around the Hotel Paraíso where Castillo is giving a speech so they can trap him and prevent reinforcements from arriving, thereby allowing Dani to kill Castillo.

Players will then have to plant three explosives at various checkpoints surrounding the hotel which will marked on players' screens. They must also avoid being spotted when doing so, using their weapons to kill guards that would otherwise shoot them on sight. Players will also need to be careful to shoot any alarms set up near the checkpoints.

Far Cry 6: Paradise Lost Mission Walkthrough
Far Cry 6 charges players with overthrowing Antón Castillo, President of Yara / Photo courtesy of Ubisoft

Once the bombs are planted, players will meet Juan on the roof of a building across the street from the Hotel Paraíso. Players will need to keep their finger on the trigger and be prepared for gunfights, as multiple hostiles will stand between them and meeting with Juan. Grappling will be necessary to reach Juan, so players should keep their eyes peeled for grapple sites.

Once players' meet Juan, the explosives will detonate and Dani will have to secure the hotel and find and kill President Antón Castillo. There will an army of guards standing between Dani and Castillo, further complicating the mission.

Once players battle through all of the guards in the hotel they will reach the penthouse. After a cutscene, players will have to escape the hotel fighting their way through reinforcements from Castillo's Special Forces.

Upon defeating the enemies hunting Dani, players will have successfully completed Far Cry 6's Paradise Lost mission.