Fastest QB in Madden 21: Top 5 Players

Who is the fastest QB in Madden 21?
Who is the fastest QB in Madden 21? / Photo courtesy of E.A Sports Madden 21

Who is the fastest QB in Madden 21? iIf you're are looking to run away from linebackers with your QB, you'll want one of these quarterbacks. While it's rare to have to worry about a quarterback taking off for a big run, if you want to center your team around a fast QB it is something that is easy to do.

Fastest QB in Madden 21: Top 5 Players

There aren't that many fast QBs in the game, but the ones that are fast can really take off. These quarterbacks are always a threat to pick up big yards on the ground if nobody is open for a pass.

1. Lamar Jackson (96)

This should be an obvious one. The Madden 21 cover athlete is the fastest QB on the game and it’s not close. If you really want to keep opponents on their toes, play with him and show off his speed and throwing ability.

Photo courtesy of E.A Sports Madden 21

2. Kyler Murray (91)

The next fastest QB shouldn’t be much of a surprise either. Murray came into the league known for his speed, and he has been putting it to use. In the event that Hopkins isn’t open, take off with Murray because he will be hard to catch with his 91 speed.

3. Taysom Hil (90)

Third on this list is Tayson Hill. While he isn’t a starting quarterback, he is featured a lot in the game, and there are several packages that include him at QB in the game. When in the game, he keeps defenses on edge with his big arm throwing power, as well as his speed to pick up chunks of yards.

4. Daniel Jones (88)

Now the fourth QB on the list may come as a surprise. Jones isn’t really known for his speed, but he can catch a lot of defenses off guard with his running ability. He boasts an 88 speed, so if a play does breakdown. He has the ability to run.

5. Josh Allen (86)

Last on the top five list is Josh Allen. This one shouldn’t come as a surprise as he is known for his running ability, unlike #4 on the list. Not only can he throw, but when he runs he can truck or juke defenders to gain extra yards.

These QBs can be very useful in Madden 21 if you scheme around their running abilities.