Call of Duty

Fastest Way to Level Up Guns in Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 released on April 22
Call of Duty Warzone Season 3 released on April 22 / Photo by Activision

Leveling up guns in Call of Duty: Warzone may be a painstaking process, but a needed process nonetheless — after all, guns are what drive the game. Here is the fastest way to level up guns in Warzone.

Players of all skill levels are required to level their guns, be it actively or passively. Actively in the fact that they can target specific weapons or passively in that they can just play the game as normal until max.

Fastest Way to Level Up Guns in Warzone

Each level gained on a gun gives the gun access to new attachments that can be used in a loadout. As it’s the norm in many games, the better attachments for the weapons are in the higher levels. 

Although not a slow process to level up the weapons, it can still be a tedious one. This is why players can speed up the process via different methods.

Plunder Mode

The first method is the Plunder game mode. Via supply drops in Plunder, players can find various weapons. Every time they complete a supply run they’ll gain 500 XP, this will be applied directly to the weapon that’s equipped.

Hot Drops

Maybe not the solution for the averagely skilled gamer, but a method nonetheless. Players can get a good amount of XP by taking out players and/or squads. All they have to do is drop to a location that is heavily crowded or is prone to people and go from there.

Assists award 25 XP, kills earn 275 XP and a full team wipe gives 450 XP. 

To supplemented both of the methods, or the simple just play the game method, players can also activate double XP for their weapons if possible.