Fastest Way to Unlock Damascus Camo in Modern Warfare

The Damascus weapon camouflage can be a pain to unlock.
The Damascus weapon camouflage can be a pain to unlock. / Courtesy of Infinity Ward

Grinding Modern Warfare's most prestigious skins can take a massive amount of time, but this method posted to the game's subreddit aims to make things a little easier.

The Damascus weapon camouflage is perhaps the most difficult design to unlock in Modern Warfare, requiring that a player earn every single platinum skin for every gun to unlock it. That, in turn, requires unlocking every gold weapon skin.

Reddit user u/mmmbbb posted a strategy to make the grind simpler. They suggest equipping the Spotter perk, then using it to destroy every piece of equipment one can find. Using FMJ can also make it possible to destroy weak killstreaks.

With those perks equipped, heading into Ground War gives the player plenty of opportunities to take out killstreaks and equipment. Mmmbbb says claymore in particular are good for filling out multiple challenges at once.

"If you find an enemy claymore you can safely shoot, you can crouch, reload and hipfire, and it will count toward not only those challenges, but also your main kill challenge, your 5 or 0 attachment (Depending on what you're working on), and your 3 killstreaks," they wrote.

"In a game of ground war, you can shoot down 6 UAV's in one life and have it count as two 3-killstreaks, 6 kills, 6 crouch/mount kills, reload kills, etc."

Using this method, players can more safely, easily and quickly fulfill weapon challenges, fast-tracking them for Damascus weapon camo.