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FaZe Swagg Announces Switch from Twitch to YouTube

Courtesy of FaZe Swagg

The ultra-popular content creator Faze Swagg announced he will be making the transition from Twitch to YouTube. The FaZe member is popular for making tons of Call of Duty and Warzone content, where he amassed 2.1 million followers on Twitch and 2.55 million subscribers on YouTube.

Swagg will be one of the first major Twitch streamers to leave the platform for YouTube since Dr Disrespect did it after he mysteriously received a ban. Swagg is seemingly embracing his new platform as he reminisced his history with YouTube, tweeting "I can't even describe the feeling man, did my first ever livestream on YouTube in 2015."

The official announcement came in the form of a video, where Swagg talks to his younger self about life and how their future turns out. It ends with him speeding off in a Porsche with a YouTube license plate.

The video already has 282.2k views, with what seems to be warm reception from fans and other content creators. Big names such as Nickmercs commented "W!" and even the official Twitter account for Call of Duty said "Congratulations!" With such a major move, it's a good look for Swagg as it seems he has plenty of support from his fans and friends.

He will begin his first YouTube exclusive stream on Sept. 2.