FC 24 Champions Rewards Changes: Red Player Picks Removed

EA Sports

EA FC 24 Champions, formerly known as FUT Champions, is receiving major changes to its rewards structure in this new era.

Champions is the premier competitive mode in Ultimate Team. Players must qualify for the weekend league by winning a certain amount of games in the play-off to redeem access to the Finals. Players try to earn the most amount of points possible from 20 games to earn the best rewards possible. In previous years, FUT Champions Player Picks (or red player picks) were the premier reward. EA Sports is overhauling rewards in this new era of FC by removing those player picks as a consistent reward.

FC 24 Champions Rewards Changes: Red Player Picks Removed

"In Champions we’ll update rewards throughout the year to make sure that they feel meaningful, whether you are playing in October, February, or June. The most notable change you’ll see right away at launch is that Ultimate Team Champions Player Items (sometimes referred to as Red Picks) will be replaced by rewards of equivalent value in-game," EA Sports said.

Players will remember that during the World Cup last year, Red Player Picks were suspended because leagues around the world were on pause. EA Sports mentions that Champions Player Items declined in usage throughout the year, so they want to increase usage while making sure they remain a key avenue for squad growth all year.

Why Were Red Picks Removed from FC 24 Champions?

EA Sports also notes that Red Player Pick items were more frequently used in SBCs as the year progresses. That's primarily because the player pool is made up of Team of the Week items. TOTW has progressively become less and less popular with players only truly prioritizing the best items including Kylian Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo and those alike. Later on, Team of the Season items replaced TOTW cards in those player picks.