FC 24 Connecting to Ultimate Team is Not Possible Error Diagnosed

EA Sports

FC 24 Connecting to Ultimate Team is Not Possible At the Moment error has been affecting players since 1 p.m. ET during Early Access.

Server issues are not something new to video games at launch, nor at any point of the year really especially for FIFA/FC. Unfortunately for players trying to log in to FC 24 Ultimate Team during early access, players are being prompted with the following message:

Connecting to Ultimate Team is not possible at the moment. You will now be returned to the Main Menu.

Even more frustrating to players, there's been no word from EA Sports via the EASFCDirect account on X.

FC 24 Connecting to Ultimate Team is Not Possible Error

As of writing, there doesn't seem to be a possible fix. Though, it doesn't seem to be anything related to a person's connection, console or download. This solely seems to be an issue on the EA Sports server side.

Players can try resetting their console, logging in and out of their accounts and more to try and remedy the issue. Though, nothing has seemed to work. Unfortunately, it seems players are just going to have to ride this one out. The community has voiced their frustrations with the developer on social media. Especially since there's a limited time promotion running during Early Access. Players have also been reporting bugs with the Nike Mad Ready objective set not logging progression.

Something of note that we are looking into is that the Ultimate Edition prompted me with two PS5 download files. It would be bizarre for the game to prompt players with two identical versions to download, but perhaps there's something there that's missing. We'll report back with any possible fixes, though hopefully it's just on EA's side and they get it remedied fast.