Feebas Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolution, Location, How to Catch

Feebas in Pokemon Sword and Shield purely exhibits a basic law of Pokemon: If it looks like a weird fish in its first form, it'll probably evolve into something cool. Feebas continues the trend with a return appearance in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and we've got the lowdown on everything you'd need to know about this lumpy-looking loser, and how to get its beautiful evolution.

How to Catch Feebas in Pokemon Sword and Shield

In the wild, the only place to catch a Feebas is on Route 2, specifically the island there. As the above video mentions, bring a fishing rod because you're gonna have to get your angler on if you want to find Feebas. I'd also bring a good book and a snack, as with a 1% encounter rate it's not likely you'll have any luck on your first few dozen tries. Stay diligent (or bored) enough though, and the spoils of war will come to you in one fish-shaped package.

Feebas Evolution in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Reminiscent of another fish Pokemon, Feebas doesn't simply evolve by battling and leveling up. Rather, getting this Pokemon to size up is going to require, you guessed it... even more fishing! Within Route 2, as well as in and around Lake Miloch, lucky trainers may get the fortune of getting their lines caught on a Prism Scale, a super-rare item that, once equipped onto a Feebas, will evolve it into the elegant-looking Milotic.

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Feebas Hidden Abilities

Feebas has two hidden abilities, Adaptability and Oblivious. The latter makes it immune to Attract, Intimidate, or Taunt effects (a useful little tool to ensure some guaranteed damage in a pinch). The former, however, increases the Attack Power bonus Feebas gets from using moves of the same type to a 2x modifier, up from the usual 1.5x.

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