Felix Fire Emblem: How to Recruit Him

Felix Fire Emblem is a character that you can recruit in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Here is some insight that may help you decide if you want to recruit him.

Felix Fire Emblem: How to Recruit Him

Felix is a student of the Blue Lions House at the Garreg Mach Monastery. He has the default class progression of a Mercenary or a Swordsmaster, and starts out with an iron sword. His starting class is a Noble. His special ability is titled Lone Wolf, which allows up to deal five extra damage when his endurance is zero, or when no battalion is assigned to him.

Felix's preferred skills are the sword, bow, and brawl. He dislikes reason and authority greatly. He starts with a D in sword, an E+ in bow and brawl, and an E in all other skills. He budding talent is reason.

If you would like to recruit Felix to a different house, you will need to have a speed stat between 15 and 20, and you will need to have a sword skill of at least a B. Getting a support rank of a C or higher can also make it easier to recruit Felix.

Photo courtesy of Nintendo/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS