Fennix Fortnite Skin: Price, Rarity, Images

Fennix Fortnite skin recently arrived in the Fortnite Store after being leaked early last week. The skin could be overshadowed by two epic-level skins in Copper Wasp and Infinity.

The store will change by the end of the day, but the community should see Fennix in the store for a few days. You can also grab the rest of the Fur Force Set in the store as well.

Fennix Fortnite Skin Price

Fennix costs 1,200 v-bucks.

Fennix Fortnite Skin Rarity

Fennix is a rare-level skin.

Fennix Fortnite Skin Images

Fennix is a standing fox character with post-apocalyptic armor on. Who knows, maybe the lore has Fennix as a mutant from the future after a nuclear holocaust morphed him into a standing and thinking creature. Being a new skin, expect Fennix to stay in the store for a few days before being cycled out.

Photo courtesy of Epic Games