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Ferrari Makes Its Debut in Rocket League

The Ferrari 296 GTB is coming to Rocket League on all platforms starting tomorrow, Aug. 31. It is modeled after the same hybrid sports car that debuted in the real world just months prior. 

For 2000 in-game credits, players will be able to purchase the Ferrari 296 GTB Bundle in the Item Shop which will include car itself, along with the following related cosmetic items: 

  • Ferrari 296 GTB Engine Audio
  • Ferrari 296 GTB Wheels
  • Assetto Fiorano Decal
  • Ferrari Antenna

The items in the bundle are exclusive to Ferrari 296 GTB and are non customizable with other branded content. Competitive players interested in purchasing the bundle should also consider that the Ferrari 296 GTB will run similarly to the Dominus and will have the same hitbox.

Additionally, in light of their first collaboration, fans of the brand who do not wish to pay will be offered a Ferrari Player Banner for free. Rocket League showed off the sports car’s horsepower and slick appearance in a trailer to promote the upcoming release.

Finishing up its World Championship on Aug. 15, Rocket League is still a prominent game in esports. The free-to-play game continues to appeal to players worldwide since its launch in 2015, and according to Active Player, in the last 30 days the game had nearly 90 million average monthly players.

Ferrari, one of the world’s leading sports car manufacturers, sought to take advantage of Rocket League's large player base, giving fans the opportunity to drive their own Ferrari. On the tail end of luxury car brands having crossover cars in the game, Ferrari will join Aston Martin, BMW, Ford, Lamborghini, and McLaren in the vehicular car soccer arena.

The Ferrari 296 GTB will only be available for a limited time in the Item Shop. The collaboration ends on Sept. 6, just one day before the game is set to enter its eighth season.