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Fez Nintendo Switch Release Date Revealed

Photo courtesy of Polytron

Fez's Nintendo Switch release date was revealed during the Nintendo Direct Indie Showcase.

The timeless, ever-popular Indie game Fez officially has a release date for Nintendo Switch. Today! Nintendo revealed the game will be coming back today, April 14.

Nintendo Switch has announced that it will be bringing back a multitude of old Indie games to the Nintendo Store and luckily Fez is one of them.

Fez Nintendo Switch Release Date Revealed

To add to how awesome this is, the nine-year anniversary of the original Fez release date was April 13. So, we are getting the game back a day after its birthday!

For those that don’t remember what Fez is, it’s an indie-style game that makes the user change perspectives and camera angles throughout the game to solve a puzzle. The user will have to collect cubes and cube fragments to solve the puzzle and save their universe.

The game originally came out in 2009, and in 2021 we get the return of Fez. If you have a switch, go out and reminisce while playing the re-released game!