FF16 Motion Blur Patch Release Date

Titan as seen in Final Fantasy 16 'Dominance' Trailer
Titan as seen in Final Fantasy 16 'Dominance' Trailer / Image courtesy of Square Enix

The demo for the popular Japanese role-playing game was released on June 12, 2023, and many players were quick to voice their concerns about it. Many fans have taken to social media platforms about different issues in the game, such as the number of cutscenes and the drop in FPS.

The motion blur is one of the most common problems in the game. Many players report feeling nauseated. Some have had to stop playing Final Fantasy 16 altogether to prevent themselves from vomiting or having headaches.

That's unfortunate since many players have been waiting for the game's release since it was announced in November 2022.

Square Enix has heard people's troubles with motion blur. Let's see how they plan to address it.

FF16 Motion Blur Patch Release Date

The Final Fantasy 16 team held a "Feedback from the Demo" presentation on June 17. They said they would eventually include options to change or turn off motion blur. There are also plans to add auto-follow options and adjust camera speed in the game. 

The development team did not specify when they would implement these changes. That's a bummer for players suffering from motion sickness, but hopefully, the improvements will come soon.