FF7 Remake Shinra Combat Simulator Guide

Stuck? FF7 Remake Shinra Combat Simulator Guide is here for you
Stuck? FF7 Remake Shinra Combat Simulator Guide is here for you / Square Enix

FF7 Remake Shinra Combat Simulator Guide is here for all your combat simulator reward needs.

The Shinra Combat Simulator is an extra mode of the game that can only be completed after the player finishes Final Fantasy VII's story mode. Challenges noted to be beyond three stars can only be accessed via Hard Mode.

This guide will go over the types of battles you'll encounter and the rewards you can earn for fighting your way through. Good luck, Team Avalanche.

FF7 Remake Shinra Combat Simulator Guide

Three Star Challenges

Three-Person Team vs. Mayor is Best

Players will encounter two Cutter enemies in a single round. They are weak to electricity, so lightning materia works best here.

The reward is a Grab Bag.

Four Star Challenges

Cloud/Tifa/Barret/Aerith vs. SOLDIER Trainees

All four fights play out the same way so we've grouped them for convenience. The first four rounds will have enemies weak to fire while the last will be weak to lightning.

You'll get a Cog Bangle, Supreme Bracer, Rune Armlet, or Geometric Bracelet for your efforts depending on the character.

Two-Person Team vs. High Flyers

Five rounds with a total of 29 enemies all largely allergic to Wind.

You'll get the Gil Up Materia.

Three-Person Team vs. Team Ragbag

Five rounds with enemies mostly vulnerable to ice and lightning. Players recommend bringing along Cloud and Aerith as your first picks.

The reward for this category is an Exp Up Materia.

Five Star Challenges

Cloud/Barret/Tifa/Aerith vs. 3-C SOLDIER Candidates

You'll be facing five rounds so you're going to need Armor Materia no matter who you pick. Again, these play out similarly, so we've grouped them for convenience. The majority of these enemies have a weakness to lightning so it wouldn't hurt to suit up with Thunder.

Your rewards are Telluric Scriptures Vol. XI, Way of the Fist Vol. XIII, Sharpshooter’s Companion Vol. Xiii, The Art of Swordplay Vol. XIII depending on the character chosen.

Two-Person Team vs. Dynamic Duos

Five rounds with enemies allergic to Fire and rightfully terrified of Cloud.

Your reward will be Refocus Materia.

Six Star Challenges

Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend

Pick up some Armor Materia here as you'll be facing a long battle. You have three rounds with enemies mostly impervious to fire and with no known significant weaknesses. In order, the beasts are Bomb, Tonberry, and Type-0 Behemoth.

Your reward upon victory is another Refocus Materia.

Seven Star and Beyond

Be aware that seven star challenges can only be found after the player has completed all Corneo Colosseum, Shinra Battle, and Battle Intel challenges in-game.

Three-Person Team vs. Top Secret

These are the hardest enemies you'll have to face. There are five rounds with, in order, Shiva, Fat Chocobo, Leviathan, Bahamut, and Pride and Joy Prototype. Most of these enemies don't have concrete weaknesses, so you'll likely be facing a battle to burn them down. Focus on healing and sustain and be prepared to be here awhile.

Your reward will be Götterdämmerung.