FFAR Cold War: FFAR Nerfed in Latest Update

FFAR Cold War: FFAR has been nerfed
FFAR Cold War: FFAR has been nerfed | Photo by Treyarch and Raven

FFAR Cold War has been nerfed in the first patch. After a week of going live, FFAR 1, a full-auto assault rifle with a fast fire rate and quick reloading speed has been dominating in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. With its modest damage and slightly less ammo capacity, players can choose multiple loadouts that can quickly shred enemies thanks to its significantly high RPM.

FFAR Cold War: FFAR Nerfed

To prepare for next week's launch of Nuketown '84 on Nov. 24, Treyarch rolled out a patch that includes improved game stability, gameplay experience, bug fixes, and weapon balancing. As one of the strongest weapons in the game, the FFAR1 has been targeted for a nerf:

• Increased recoil (40 to 210)

• Slightly reduced max damage by 3.5% (28 to 27)

• Reduced max damage range by 34% (38m to 25m)

Some players also reported vehicle damage has been reduced from 21 to 20. The nerf may upset some fans because FFAR1 is one of the best weapons for close-range fights.

Aside from FFAR, Submachine Gun Alpha, M16, Tactical Rifle Charlie, Type 63, DMR 14, and M60 are among the weapons being further balanced in this patch. Several adjustments are made to game modes such as the friendly fire system now properly transitions to reflect damage after three-team kills in Hardcore mode. Treyarch has also fixed multiple crashes issues in addition to improving stability and Zombies gameplay.