FFXIV GrubHub Offer Fails to Deliver, Fans Denied Promotional Emote

Image courtesy of Square Enix

Players have been less than pleased with GrubHub's Final Fantasy XIV promotion after its Pizza emote hasn't been granted, despite players meeting its requirements.

An exclusive emote was up for grabs lately in Final Fantasy XIV, a GrubHub Pizza emote which could only be earned after ordering from the food delivery service. Players who spent enough money using the service were supposed to receive a code which, when entered into the MogStation, would grant players an Eat Pizza emote.

In reality, some players never received the emote despite meeting the necessary requirements. After chasing it up with the service's support, players were apparently told that the promotion wouldn't be given to every player.

One Reddit user took to the forum site to express their disappointment with the promotion.

"I just called GrubHub customer service about not getting my /eatpizza emote code, and they said that there were a "limited number" of emotes that they could give out on a first come first serve basis, so they just aren't planning on giving other people their missing emotes."

"I find this outrageous because the promotion didn't state that there were a limited number of emotes, (only that the free delivery was limited to 20,000 people)."

FFXIV GrubHub Offer Fails to Deliver, Fans Denied Promotional Emote

The discussion was soon met with other players who had similar experiences.

User KeepsFindingWitches said, "It's chaos. One rep told me it was a lottery and no one was guaranteed to get anything, one rep told me there was no record the code was ever used on my order, one rep told me to be patient, and one told me it was first come, first serve and they ran out day 1."

According to the promotion's official FAQs, "There was no limit to the number of customers who could receive the Eat Pizza emote during the promo period of 7:30pm ET on December 9 to 11:59pm ET on December 15."

This issue hasn't affected everyone, however. Some players managed to get their code a few days after the promotion started, suggesting that GrubHub couldn't possibly have run out of digital codes.

One user, darknod, said "Rep I talked to told me the code was successfully applied to my order and that I just had to wait up to two weeks for the code to be sent."

It's possible, then, that players might just need to remain patient. Though with so much conflicting information circulating, it's no surprise that this promotion has left a bad taste in the mouths of many players.