FIFA 19 Division Rivals rewards are becoming even more important when it comes to what to take during Team of the Season.

Division Rivals is a new addition to the FIFA series this year replacing the traditional Divisions multiplayer. It was a welcomed refresh to matchmaking in FIFA Ultimate Team.

The same Divisions apply ranking from 10 to one. Now, there's a points system earned for playing a game. For as many points as players earn in a week, they're placed in one of five ranks. Then, players can choose from multiple rewards. Those rewards include either FIFA coins, tradeable packs or untradeable packs.

With Team of the Season starting Friday, here's what rewards you should take heading into arguably the most popular promotion of the year.

FIFA 19 Division Rivals Rewards: Which to Take During Team of the Season

First off, this doesn't apply directly to one specific Division, but those in Division 1 have different choices than those in Division 5. Here's what you should choose regardless of Division, but more based on your club status.


Coins are a strong choice if you're looking to simply upgrade your team in one specific area. The Most Consistent TOTS is generally cheap in price and a good opportunity to buy cards off of the Transfer Market.

Tradeable Rewards

The test-your-luck option, there's no greater feeling than packing a promotional card. It's first owner, you can dictate the price, and in most cases with big cards, make more coins in the long run. Depending on the type of packs you'd receive, this might be the best choice.

Untradeable Rewards

If tradeable rewards tested your luck, this is the ultimate test-your-luck option. Anything you pack from these rewards won't be sellable for a coin value. You're stuck either with these cards in your club forever or using them in Squad Building Challenges. The upside is you get double the packs. Choose this at your own risk.

Photo courtesy of EA Sports FIFA