FIFA 20 Career Mode Changes: 5 of the Best New Features

Liverpool FC v Manchester United - Premier League
Liverpool FC v Manchester United - Premier League / Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

FIFA 20 Career Mode changes are expected as the latest release in EA's massively popular soccer game is finally here. Each year, it seems that Career Mode gets closer and closer to simulating what it's actually like to manage a real team in one of the sport's greatest leagues.

This year, EA has touted FIFA 20's career mode as one of the most realistic ever, with plenty of new features to help get you immersed in the action. Here are five new features that should make you feel like you're right on the pitch.

FIFA 20 Career Mode Changes: 5 best new features

1. Manager Customization

When creating your manager, you will have full control of what your manager will look like, allowing you to put yourself directly into the game. Hair, clothing, and facial features will all be modifiable, and female managers will be possible for the first time.

2. The Morale Meter

Probably the biggest new feature introduced in Career Mode this year is the Morale Meter, which measures the average satisfaction of your club with your performance, as well as the individual happiness of each player. Every decision you make will affect the Morale Meter, which directly influences a player's overall rating.

3. Post-game Conferences

Following each match with your club, you will be tasked with answering questions from the press. The way you answer questions will have a direct impact on the Morale Meter, as you will be asked things such as the confidence you have in your players to win.

4. Dynamic Player Potential

The better you play with a player, the better their potential rating will be. This will allow you to grow and develop players that otherwise would not be very useful on your roster.

5. League-Specific Experiences

Whether you choose the Bundesliga, Premier League, or Serie A, your experience as a manager can be completely different. Each league will have a custom UI to reflect their unique aesthetic and identity.

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