FIFA 20 champions edition contents have been revealed. FIFA 20 is only a few, short months away and there are many options on which edition of the game you can purchase. The Champions Edition is the middle-tier edition, above Standard, and below Ultimate.

The Champions Edition of FIFA 20 will cost $79.99 and is still currently available for purchase.

FIFA 20 Champions Edition Contents

If you pre-order the Champions Edition you will be able to access the game three days earlier than the standard edition. This means you will be able to play on Sept. 24 instead of on Sept. 27. This early access is the same as the Ultimate Edition so you will still be playing the game on the first day of release.

You will also receive one rare gold pack a week for the first twelve weeks of playing.

Adittionally, the Champions Edition contains the option of one of five mid-version Loan ICON Items for 5 FUT matches alongside special edition FUT kits for your collection.

Cover Image Courtesy of EA