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Fifa 20 Gameplay: What to Expect

Fifa 20 gameplay may not be available online yet, but a menu screen may have leaked.

Fifa 20 gameplay still hasn't made an appearance online, but Electronic Arts has done publicity work to describe how the game will play.

EA has focused on three key mechanical changes in Fifa 20: Authentic Game Flow, Decisive Moments and an enhanced ball physics system.

Authentic Game Flow gives AI-controlled players better understanding of position on the pitch and places more emphasis on user-controlled play. The result is described as a more realistic pace of play and more 1-v-1 moments.

Decisive Moments will also give players more control over the most important moments in each match. Advanced techniques including strafe dribbling, controlled tackling, set piece refresh and composed finishing will all build a more true-to-life experience.

Finally, enhanced ball physics will drive home the realism.

Fifa 20 Leaks: Fans Unhappy with Leaked Menu Screen

Though relatively little has leaked about Fifa 20 ahead of its release date, one player claims to have gained access to the game. Reddit user u/alex_kms shared a screenshot of the menu system they claim will be used in the game, and fans on Reddit greeted the image with disappointment.

Most of the negative sentiment centered around the similarity between the Fifa 20 menu and that of Fifa 19.

"So no changes?" wrote one user. "I hate it. Just different fucking colors, same dumb design," wrote another.

Whether or not the screenshots are legitimate remains to be seen. Fifa 20 is set to release Sept. 27.

Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts