FIFA 20 Headliners Announced, Card Type Explained

Headliners was announced as the next FIFA 20 Ultimate Team promotion
Headliners was announced as the next FIFA 20 Ultimate Team promotion | Photo by EA Sports

FIFA 20 Headliners was announced Tuesday as the next FIFA Ultimate Team promotion.

Headliners, which debuted in FIFA 19, honors the best performing players from the first half of the FIFA Ultimate Team cycle. The special card type reflects that with certain players receiving new live items. Headliners follows Team of the Year in the promotion calendar.

Here's everything you need to know about FIFA 20 Headliners.

FIFA 20 Headliners Announced

Headliners are live item cards awarded to the best performing players in FIFA Ultimate Team so far. These live items stay one in-form ahead of the latest in-form released.

Let's say Cristiano Ronaldo received a Headliners item. If his latest in-form was 93 overall, his Headliners card would be 94 overall. If he received another in-form later in the year at 94 overall, his Headliners item would go up to 95.

FIFA 20 Headliners Release Date

FIFA 20 Headliners is set to start Friday. Fans had a mixed response to the announcement considering many expected Future Stars to come next.

Instead, they'll have to wait for arguably the best FIFA Ultimate Team promotion until later in the cycle.

FIFA 20 Headliners: Players to Expect

Expect the following players to receive Headliners cards, whether in the promotional pack team or as Squad Building Challenges/objectives:

  • Robert Lewandowski
  • Timo Werner
  • Hakim Ziyech