Fifa 20 leaks are in high demand as excitement for the next installment in the series grows, but has supply risen to meet that demand? Have any sources shared information about the game before its release? Here's what you need to know.

Fifa 20 Leaks: Everything That Has Leaked So Far

As of now, Fifa 20 has been relatively free of leaks. The game remains largely under wraps, to the dismay of some fans.

An alleged leak took place in early June that purported to show the game's cover art. That art featured Neymar Jr on a red background. Publisher Electronic Arts eventually made a public statement denying the Neymar cover as its official art. No further statement has revealed the official cover art.

Outside of the cover athlete and art conversation, no leaks have come forward to reveal information about Fifa 20. Fans will have to wait for more from EA.

Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts